Ardi - Ethiopia Natural

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Disclaimer: Our actual packaging looks different than the photo. And no matter how many emails, calls, or messages we send our web designer to change this back, he insists on following his artistic sense. Utmost insubordination!

If this coffee was a person, it would be a guy wearing a formal fitted black suit, black shiny shoes, black tie, white shirt, and pink socks with unicorn drawings on them. 

It's a natural coffee addressed to the people who want to enjoy the sweetness of a naturally processed coffee without the wild aromas and tastes.

We decided to medium roast this coffee go well with drip/pour-over/espresso and french press. Try to use temperatures between 88-90C and let it please you while you go on your daily routine. 

For those who want to know more about the origin of this coffee, here you go:

Zone: Guji - Town: Ana Sora - Altitude: 1950 – 2100 M - Varietals: Heirloom - Process: Natural- Grade 1.