Appetite Premium Espresso/Filter Blend

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Disclaimer: Our actual packaging looks different than the photo. And no matter how many emails, calls, or messages we send our web designer to change this back, he insists on following his artistic sense. Utmost insubordination!

This coffee lives up to its name, it mixes Central American and Ethiopian coffee in a way that tingles your appetite. A complex blend that is soo sweet due to the natural coffee beans, and bold from the chocolaty as a result of the washed coffee, then roasted to perfection.

Brewing this coffee using the pour-over method will reveal hints of vanilla and a subtle aftertaste notes of red Honeycrisp apples. Make sure to brew them at a higher temperature (92 C).

For a ready-to-drink cold brew, use 1:17 ratio in a chilled environment for 24 hrs, or 18 hrs in room temperature (24 C) - not Saudi room temperature, please.

While for an amazing espresso, you can go as wild as you want, as each temperature/profile will reveal a different taste. So it will not be fair to recommend a profile and ignore others.