Cafetto MFC Blue Milk Frother Cleaner

109.25 SR

A high-performance alkaline milk line cleaner designed for machines used at a high frequency. Recommended for use with acidic milk frother cleaner or descaler through the milk lines periodically to remove...

Cafetto-F20 100 Cleaning Tablets

103.50 SR

Safely and completely remove coffee oils and residues of selected super-automatic espresso machines. Formulated to dissolve in automatic cleaning cycles to provide optimal cleaning performance.

Cafetto Barista Cloth Set

97.75 SR

Premium quality microfiber cloths designed to assist the barista in maintaining complete cleanliness of the espresso machine and its surrounds. Premium microfiber cloths designed to outperform and outlast the conventional...

Pallo Swivel Head Cleaning brush

63.25 SR

Use Swivel Head Cleaning Brush to clean the group head, shower screen, and around the group seal, brushing to remove coffee grounds. This helps to provide a good seal for...

Cafetto Swivel Head Cleaning brush

63.25 SR

Ergonomic handled brush designed to assist in getting into every nook and cranny. Directions Use Swivel Head Cleaning Brush to clean the group head, shower screen, and around the group...

Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner

from 52.17 SR

Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner is a specially designed cleaner for espresso machines. This espresso machine cleaner removes the residual build-up of coffee solids and oils from screens, valves, and tubes of...

500 gm, 1kg

Cafetto S15 cleaning tablets

51.75 SR

RECOMMENDED FOR - Schaerer, Saeco, Stentorfield, SCS, DeLonghi, Breville, Macco, Miele super-automatic espresso machines and can also be used in the group head of domestic espresso machines HIGH PERFORMANCE -...

Brewista Cold Pro Cleaner

11.50 SR

A chlorine-based cleaning powder that thoroughly cleans cold beverage equipment and dispensing systems, while ensuring safe beverage preparation. Ideal for use on cold brew, iced tea, granita machines, and bubblers. Rinses...

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