Waykan Huehuetenango Guatemala

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Disclaimer: Our actual packaging looks different than the photo. And no matter how many emails, calls, or messages we send our web designer to change this back, he insists on following his artistic sense. Utmost insubordination!

Let’s talk about flavor. This medium roast washed Central American coffee embraces the best characteristics of a great vibrant cup of joe. Black coffee lovers (pour-over, chemex, kalita and french press) will feel the bold full body of the coffee with a mild acidity that has almond notes and long lingering caramel aftertaste. Just make sure that you brew your cup at a 90 ⁰C and don’t let it steep for too long.

When you use it to prepare a shot of espresso or an espresso-based drink, you will feel like you're enjoying a chocolaty cup of mocha without putting a single drop of chocolate or sweetener.

P.S. We can’t pronounce the name of this coffee, and we don't expect you to do so.