Tache double spout shot glass

38.32 SR

 Easily pour your fresh espresso with our Barista Shot Glass Double Spout. This unique glass enables you to pour in any direction with ease and no spilled drops. A handle...

Rhino thumpa knock tube - large

402.50 SR

This Thumpa is an 860mm (33.86 in) tall knockout tube which was designed with durability in mind. Commercial coffee waste bins need to withstand being hit, bashed, and dropped without coming apart. The Thumpa is virtually...

Rhino double spout shot glass

34.50 SR29.00 SR

 Rhino™ Coffee Gear has answered the call for a double-spouted shot glass that combines durability and functionality.  This 70ml (2.4 ounces) handled shot glass is perfect for pulling double shots....

Tache coffee distributor 58.5 mm

202.60 SR

It adjusts the depth of the ground coffee and smooths its surface in the portafilter. The tool has blades in the base and it redistributes the ground coffee evenly in...

IMS Baskets

149.50 SR

Sizes: 18gm, 21gm and, 28gm  Fit LaMarzocco, Slayer, and Synesso machines Includes one basket

18, 21, 28

Rhino milk thermometer 13cm

63.25 SR

The Rhino thermometers have an easy-to-read dial and are fast and accurate. Perfect for a busy cafe or for the person who wants accurate milk temperature. The specially designed clip...

Rhino Digital Thermometer

97.75 SR83.09 SR

Easy to set and read digital thermometer for quick accurate measurement of textured milk and other beverages.  An audible alarm beeps when the desired temperature you set has been reached. The...

Rhino Coffee Bean Scoop

172.50 SR

The Rhino Coffee Gear Bean Scoop is the perfect size for weighing and pouring out whole coffee beans. With a large handle, 1kg (2.2lb) weight capacity and the ability to...

Rhino milk thermometer 18cm

63.25 SR

The Rhino thermometers have an easy to read dial and are fast and accurate. Perfect for a busy cafe or for the person who wants accurate milk temperature. The specially...

Gasket portafilter 8.5mm

26.45 SR

Brew Head Group Gasket for Gaggia Espresso Machines E61 - 8.5mm by D.V.M

Rhino Deluxe Knock Box

175.00 SR

The stylish, yet durable stainless steel construction of the Rhino Coffee Gear Professional Knock Box makes it a great addition to any coffee bench set up, home or commercial. The...

Pesado Basket 18 gram

126.50 SR

PESADO has worked closely with IMS to create a basket with a strong focus on precision and consistency. When used with the PESADO 58.5 Tamper, this basket extracts flawlessly with...

Digital Timer

43.70 SR

- Digital Timer for Coffee - Espresso - Tea, with magnetic attachment - Ascending and Descending  

Ridgeless Basket 18 gram VST

207.00 SR

Precision engineered espresso filter basket Ridged or ridgeless designs Full-surface hole pattern for optimum extractions Rated for 100,000 cycles Each basket is evaluated and graded after production Hole sizes are...

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