Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner - 1 kg

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Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner (1 Kg) is a specially designed cleaner for espresso machines. This espresso machine cleaner removes the residual build-up of coffee solids and oils from screens, valves, and tubes of brewing groups. This is important to quality coffee because a dirty machine will create dirty tasting coffee. Backflush your machine following directions on the label, and soak the portafilters (Not the Handles!) in a solution of very hot water and the cleaner.

The solution helps maintain the quality of flavor and aroma extracted from your espresso machine and doesn't leave any traces of odor.

Thoroughly rinse groups and portafilters with the solution on a daily bases. And please make sure to run water thoroughly after using the cleaner to avoid residues to build up inside the machine.

Instructions on how to use are in the video below: