Synesso S300

90,611.95 SR

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The S200 and S300 machines are built ready to serve with two volumetric programs per group head in a low-profile platform. The steam valves use ambidextrous actuators for both right and left-handed baristas.

Arcade-inspired group purge buttons and an auto backflush program can increase any barista’s efficiency and consistency.

All key internal components are proven Synesso standard as found in our MVP and MVP Hydra machines including group heads with no wear parts, individual brew boilers, digital shot timers, programmable temperature per group head, and cool-touch steam wands.

S300 3 Group 
DIMENSIONS: 16.9”(H) 37” (W) 24”(D)
WEIGHT: 225 lbs / 102 kg
ELECTRICAL: Volts: 220 / Amps: 36
PLUMBING: Line pressure of 50psi (minimum)
FITTING: 3/8” compression w/ shut off
DRAINAGE: Within 4 feet of the machine

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    Synesso S300

    90,611.95 SR